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reno isaac is a french composer and sound designer. He studied cello then became a member of the mythical group WC3, as guitarist and lead singer. At the heart of the French post-punk movement, the group recorded three albums with CBS including their reputed final release « La Machine Infernale ».

After WC3 dissolved reno isaac began working as a composer for film, at the request of director Aline Issermann (Le Destin de Juliette). He began by composing the soundtrack for her second feature film, “L'Amant Magnifique”, followed by the “La Vallée des Anges” and “L'Ombre du Doute” with Alain Bashung and Mireille Perrier. He worked together with the director on over 20 television films.
This period also marks reno isaac’s beginnings in music for theater, when Saskia Cohen Tanugi invited him to perform a hardcore set live in the courtyard of the Saint Louis Hospice at the Avignon Theater Festival In "Dr X Hero ou le dernier client du Ritz”.

reno isaac’s first solo album "A nos Loopings" produced by Corinne and François Dacla for EPM / Guerillera was received with enthusiasm by a wide audience. Marc Lumbroso (Remark records / Polygram) signed him after seeing him perform at the Bataclan. His second album was quickly composed. Disappointed with its release, reno isaac decided to take a break from rock and pop songs in order to devote himself to composing soundtracks.

He has worked with many directors for cinema and television, including Orso Miret, Danièle Dubroux, Sandrine Veysset, Eva Ionesco, Josée Dayan, Christine Dory, Richard Berry, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Patrick Mimouni ...

In 2001 he was approached by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, who was in charge of Hermès women’s collection at the time. Thus began reno isaac’s work in sound design. For 3 years reno isaac created the music for Hermès women’s fashion shows. When Martin Margella left Hermès, he asked reno isaac to come work for his own brand. Since 2005 reno isaac has created the soundtrack for nearly all of the Maison Martin Margiela’s shows.
Working with set designer and decorator Antoine Platteau, who is in charge of Hermès events, reno isaac regularly designs the sound for Hermès events.

In 2006 he collaborated with director Robert Cantarella and set designer Laurent Berger on La Maison des Morts by Philippe Minyana at the Comédie Française, an encounter which allowed him to explore another language for live theater, a minimalistic and destructured world that he has developed even further with subsequent productions such as Voilà and Les Rêves de Margaret directed by Florence Giorgetti.

Contemporary artists such as Nathalie Talec and Bruno Rosier regularly ask him to contribute to their exhibits and performances with music and sound design. In 2005 and 2006, Nathalie Talec asked reno isaac to design the music and sound to accompany her exhibit at the Louvre and at the Grand Palais. He often contributes music and sound to the pieces, films and images of the artist Bruno Rosier.

Over the past few years reno isaac has been working on a project called me&JU with Julia Scott, a singer from Chicago. Her voice meshes effortlessly with the composer’s post-urban mood, resulting in a minimalistic folk–rock with tinges of a David Lynch-like atmosphere. The group very rarely gives live performances, and up to today has not released an album. However, reno isaac often uses the group’s songs when composing soundtracks for film.